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Badania naukowe - publikacje pracowników ING w czasopismach z listy JCR

Publikacje w roku 2018

  1. Sachs S., Jagt J.W.M., Niedźwiedzki R., Kędzierski M., Jagt-Yazykova E.A., Kear B.P. (2018): Turonian marine amniotes from the Opole area in southwest Poland.
    Cretaceus Research: 578-587
  2. Tchorz-Trzeciakiewicz D.E., Solecki A.T. (2018): Variations of radon concentration in the atmosphere. Gamma dose rate.
    Atmospheric Environment 174: 54-65
  3. Tyszka R., Pietranik A., Kierczak J., Zieliński G., Darling J. (2018): Cadmium distribution in Pb-Zn slags from Upper Silesia, Poland: Implications for cadmium mobility from slag phases to the environment.
    Journal of Geochemical Exploration 186: 215-224
  4. El-Zehairy A.A., Lubczynski M.W., Gurwin J.  (2018): Interactions of artificial lakes with groundwater applying an integrated MODFLOW solution.
    Hydrogeol J 26:109-132

Publikacje w roku 2017

  1. Bartz W., Kierczak J., Gąsior M., Wanat P. (2017): Historical materials from the post-Cistercian abbey in Kamieniec Ząbkowicki (southwestern Poland) - application of mineralogical methods for identification of source of raw material.
    Archaeological Anthropological Sciences 9: 279-291
  2. Bartz W., Kierczak J., Gąsior M., Zboińska (2017): Analytical overview of different Baroque plastering techniques applied in the post-Cistercian abbey in Lubiąż (South-Western Poland).
    Journal of Cultural Heritage. 28: 37-47
  3. Bilińska D., Skjøth C.A., Werner M., Kryza M., Malkiewicz M., Krynicka J., Drzeniecka-Osiadacz A. (2017): Source regions of ragweed pollen arriving in south-western Poland and the influence of meteorological data on the HYSPLIT model results.
    Aerobiologia 33: 315-326
  4. Boxleitner M., Musso A., Waroszewski J., Malkiewicz M., Maisch M., Dahms D., Brandova D., Christl M., de Castro Portes R., Egli M. (2017): Late-Pleistocene-Holocene surface processes and lanscape evolution in the central Swiss Alps.
    Geomorphology 295: 306-322
  5. Buczynski S., Olichwer T., Wcisło M., Tarka R. (2017): The assessment of hydrogeological parameters of aquifer with the use of magnetic resonance in Lower Silesia (SW Poland).
    Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences 12(1): 121-130
  6. Chmielewski T., Gibs K., Borowski K., Adamski Z., Wozniak B., Muszer A. (2017): Chloride leaching of silver and lead from a solid residue after atmospheric leaching of flotation copper concentrates.
    Physicochem. Probl. Miner. Process. 53(2): 893-907
  7. Długosz-Lisiecka M., Krystek M., Raczyński P., Głuszek E., Kietlińska-Michalik B., Niechwedowicz M. (2017): Indoor 222Rn concentration in the exhibition and storage rooms of Polish geological museums.
    Applied radiation and Isotopes 121: 12-1
  8. Drzewicki W., Trojanowska-Olichwer A., Jędrysek M.O., Hałas S. (2017): The variability of d34S and sulfur speciation  in sediments of the Sulejów dam reservoir (Central Poland).
    Chemie der Erde  77: 147-157
  9. Glina B., Malkiewicz M., Mendyk Ł., Bogacz A. and Woźniczka P. (2017): Human-affected disturbances in vegetation cover and peatland development in the late Holocene recorded in shallow mountain peatlands (Central Sudetes, SW Poland).
    Boreas 46: 294-307
  10. Górka M., Skrzypek G., Hałas S., Jędrysek M.O. (2017): Multi-seasonal pattern in 5-year record of stable H, O and S isotope compositions of precipitation (Wrocław, SW Poland).
    Atmospheric Environment 158: 197-210
  11. Górniak D., Marszałek H., Kwaśniak-Kominek M., Rzepa G., Manecki M. (2017): Soil formation and initial microbiological activity on a foreland of an Arctic glacier (SW Svalbard).
    Applied Soil Ecology 114: 34-44
  12. Kasprzak M., Sobczyk A. (2017): Searching for the void: improving cave detection accuracy by multi-faceted geophysical survey reconciled with LiDAR DTM.
    Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie 61, Suppl. 2: 45-59
  13. Kostylew J., Zalasiewicz J.A.&Kryza R. (2017): Pervasive near-surface stratal disruption in an accretionary prism setting: Kaczawa Complex, SW Poland.
    Geological Magazine 154(3): 651-660
  14. Matusiak-Małek M., Ćwiek M., Puziewicz J., Ntaflos T. (2017): Thermal and metasomatic rejuvenation and dunitization in lithospheric mantle beneath Central Europe - The Grodziec (SW Poland) case study.
    Lithos 276: 15-29
  15. Matusiak-Małek M., Puziewicz J., Ntaflos T., Grégoire M., Kukuła A., Wojtulek P.M. (2017): Origin and evolution of rare amphibole-bearing mantle peridotites from Wilcza Góra (SW Poland), Central Europe.
    Lithos 286: 302-323
  16. Mądrala M., Wąsik M. and Małoszewski P. (2017): Interpretation of environmental tracer data for conceptual understanding of groundwater flow: an application for fractured aquifer systems in the Kłodzko Basin, Sudetes, Poland.
    Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies 53(5): 466-483
  17. Pieczka A., Hawthorne F.C., Ma C., Rossman G.R., Szełęg E., Szuszkiewicz A., Turniak K., Nejbert K., Ilnicki S., Buffat P. and Rutkowski B. (2017): Żabińskiite, ideally Ca(Al0.5Ta0.5)(SiO4)O, a new mineral of the titanite group from the Piława Górna pegmatite, the Góry Sowie Block, southwestern Poland.
    Mineralogical Magazine, 81(3): 591-610
  18. Pietranik  A., Storey C., Koepke J, Lasalle S., EIMF (2017): Zircon record of fractionation, hydrous partial melting and thermal gradients at different depths in oceanic crust (ODP Site 735B, South-West Indian Ocean).
    Contrib Mineral Petrol 172:10
  19. Potysz A., Grybos M., Kierczak J., Guibaud G., Fondaneche P., Lens P.N.L. van Hullebusch E.D. (2017): Metal mobilization from metallurgical wastes by soil organic acids.
    Chemosphere: 197-211
  20. Puziewicz J., Polkowski M., Grad M. (2017): Geophysical and petrological modelling of the lower crust and uppermost mantle in the Variscan and Proterozoic surroundings of the Trans-European Suture Zone in Central Europe.
    Lithos 276: 3-14
  21. Stępalska D., Myszkowska D., Leśkiewicz K., Piotrowicz K., Borycka K., Chłopek K., Grewling Ł., Kasprzyk I., Majkowska-Wojciechowska B., Malkiewicz M., Nowak M., Piotrowska-Weryszko K., Puc M., Weryszko-Chmielewska E. (2017): Co-occurence of Artemisia and Ambrosia pollen seasons against the background of the synoptic situations in Poland.
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    Catena 157: 299-309
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    Journal of Geosciences 62: 147-164

Publikacje w roku 2016

  1. Awdankiewicz M., Raprich V., Míková J. (2016): Magmatic evolution of compositionally heterogeonous monogenetic Cenozoic Strzelin Volcanic Field (Fore-Sudetic Block, SW Poland). 
    Journal of Geosciences 61: 425-450
  2. Baron J., Miazga B., Ntaflos T., Puziewicz J., Szumny A. (2016): Beeswax remnants, phase and major element chemical composition of the bronze age mould from Gaj Oławski (SW Poland).
    Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 8: 187-196
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Publikacje w roku 2015

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Publikacje w roku 2014

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