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Instytut Nauk Geologicznych

Pl. Maksa Borna 9

50-204 Wrocław

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The specialty Applied Geoscience is an offer for English speaking students not only from the European Union but also from all over the word. The program lasts 2 years (4 semesters). To obtain a master’s degree, students must write and defend a master thesis.


Description of specialties


The program of these studies comprises most important aspects of geosciences proposed in four semesters. The knowledge of mineralogy and petrology, stratigraphy, structural and economic geology, applied hydrogeology, environmental geochemistry and environmental protection are proposed as a consistent academic course, which difficulty increases from the first to the third semester. As a consequence, the second and third semester courses continue and build up on the knowledge obtained during previous semesters. All the courses are related to the wide aspects of the applied geoscience knowledge and include problems of environmental protection and as such teach issues strongly linked to present-day problems of the world. During the final fourth semester students work almost exclusively on their MSc dissertation. The whole 4-semester program offers students a choice of 21 elective courses grouped in 4 modules. Additionally, on the second semester students can select two from three facultative field courses. Students can enroll in the courses if they hold a bachelor’s degree, however some nature/science basic knowledge is welcomed.


Graduate profile


Altogether, the aim of the proposed courses is to teach a modern-day geologist familiar with social and economic issues of the developing world. The aim is achieved through diverse program of the specialty Applied Geoscience and the wide range of its components, which give a student a comprehensive applied education.


Internships and field courses


Studies in Applied Geosciences are focused on practical courses including laboratory and field works. The latter takes place in different regions of Poland and/or abroad. These practical courses are of a high importance not only for the scientific reasons, but also from the societal viewpoint as team integration is crucial part of joint scientific initiatives. The students could also participate in various expeditions to Spitzbergen, Greenland, Indonesia, Chile, Scandinavian countries, Cyprus and Albania. The integration of theoretical courses with those taking place in the field creates the unique character of studies in Applied Geosciences, you just have to experience it yourself.


What is equally relevant, during your studies you will be given an opportunity to participate in variety of internships offered by the leading geological companies, mines or public administration. These internships are not mandatory, however many of our students takes this opportunity regularly. We also support graduates and help them to find a job through the organization of variety of workshops and trainings.


What after graduation?


The acquired geological knowledge allows students to find an employment primarily in a variety of geological surveys, industries and services related to construction, environment, exploration and protection of its resources as well as the search for natural resources.


Research student organizations


In the Institute of Geological Sciences there is a scientific student organization (http://www.geolodzy.uni.wroc.pl/), however as a University of Wroclaw student you will have opportunity to participate in over 170 other organizations too (Check list of organizations).


Conditions for admission https://international.uni.wroc.pl/en/admission-full-degree-studies