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Institute of Geological SciencesUniversity of Wrocław

Prezentacja graficzna

Institute of Geological Sciences


Pl. Maksa Borna 9
50-204 Wrocław, Poland

NIP: 896-000-54-08
tel. (+48) 71 321-10-76
fax. (+48) 71 375-93-71



Welcome to the Institute of Geological Sciences

The Institute of Geological Sciences at the University of Wrocław is one of the biggest academic institutions in Poland engaged in research and teaching in the domain of Earth sciences. Its academic staff comprises over 50 top-qualified, mostly young, teachers and researchers. The research and teaching activity of the Institute covers the whole range of broadly understood, pure and applied geological sciences.
Pl. Maksa Borna 9
50-204 Wrocław
NIP: 896-000-54-08
tel. (+4871) 321-10-76
fax. (+4871) 375-93-71
B O A R D   O F   D I R E C T O R S
Head of Institute dr hab. Anna Pietranik, prof. UWr. 
Deputy Head for Science dr Adriana Trojanowska-Olichwer
Deputy Head for Education dr Magdalena Modelska
Deputy Head for General Affairs dr Wojciech Drzewicki