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Institute of Geological SciencesUniversity of Wrocław

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Institute of Geological Sciences


Pl. Maksa Borna 9
50-204 Wrocław, Poland

NIP: 896-000-54-08
tel. (+48) 71 321-10-76
fax. (+48) 71 375-93-71




Department of Physical Geology
Head: Professor Jacek Szczepański
Research Topics:

  • structural and metamorphic evolution of crystalline complexes, Sudetes, Variscan belt;
  • sedimentation of the Permian and Carboniferans systems in SW Poland;
  • morphometric analysis of active topography;
  • global tectonic processes.

Department of Mineralogy and Petrology
Head: Professor Marek Awdankiewicz
Research Topics:

  • petrology, mineralogy, geochemistry, age and tectonic setting of crystalline complexes of the Sudetes and their foreland (ophiolitic assemblages, volcanic successions, granitoid intrusions, structural and metamorphic evolution of rock complexes and regional shear zones);
  • mineralogy and petrology of Cenozoic formations and hypergenic products in SW Poland and associated mineral deposits (hydrothermal and hypergenic mineralizations, clay deposits, heavy minerals, treatment of mineral materials);
  • geochemical and isotopic environmental studies on recent natural and man-made geological processes (pollution of soil and water, palaeoclimatic changes, utilization of mining and industrial wastes).


Department of Experimental Petrology
Head: Professor Jacek Puziewicz
Research Topics:

Applications of petrology, mineralogy and geochemistry in geological and environmental problems. In particular:

  • origin and distribution of petrological and geochemical heterogeneites in the Earth's mantle;
  • formation and evolution of continental and oceanic crust;
  • magma differentiation reflected in major and accessory minerals;
  • environmental effects of mining and slag disposal;
  • archeometric studies of ancient mineral construction materials and metals;
  • impact of bioweathering processes, including bacteria, fungus and root exudates on mineral alteration;
  • stable isotope studies of atmospheric pollutants genesis (gaseous/particulate matter/ions in precipitation).

Department of Economic Geology
Head: Professor Andrzej Solecki
Research Topics:

  • ore-mineralization in sedimentary, metamorphic, granitic, basic and ultrabasic rocks;
  • natural radioactivity in various geological settings.

Department of Structural Geology and Geological Mapping
Head: Professor Paweł Aleksandrowski
Research Topics:

  • Variscan and Alpine tectonics of SW Poland;
  • Paleozoic tectonometamorphic evolution of crystalline complexes of the Sudetic region;
  • sedimentation and diagenesis of Permo-Carboniferous succession in SW Poland;
  • karst studies, geophysical modeling and surveying;
  • GIS application to geological mapping;
  • Neotectonics

H. Teisseyre Geological Museum
Head: Dr Paweł Raczyński
Research Topics:

  • evolution of fauna and flora during Earth's history; geology of the Sudetes Mts. and their foreland and Fore-Sudetic Block exhibition of rocks and fossils.

Department of General Hydrogeology
Head: Dr hab. Sebastian Buczyński
Research Topics:

  • groundwater occurrence in porous, fractured and karstic system
  • water balance, groundwater resources and mapping of major groundwater basins in SW Poland.
  • groundwater flow and contaminant migration modelling

Department of Applied Hydrogeology
Head: Dr hab. Henryk Marszałek
Research Topics:

  • changes of hydrogeological conditions in selected areas of Lower Silesia region under the influence of anthropopresion;
  • water balance and groundwater resources in the catchment of the upper and middle Odra river;
  • cartographical methods of studying major groundwater basins in southwestern Poland.
  • groundwater flow and contanint migration modelling

Department of Isotopic and Applied Geology
Head: Professor M. Jędrysek
Research Topics:

  • petrology and isotope geology of mafic-ultramafic rocks;
  • isotope record of global/regional variations in natural environment, biogeochemical cycles, mechanisms of methanogenesis.
  • geology of brown coal basins, monitoring soil surface and deep-seated movements in brown coal open pits.

Department of Stratigraphical Geology
Head: Dr hab. Anna Górecka-Nowak
Research Topics:

  • microfossils in metamorphic rocks of the Sudetes;
  • conodont-based stratigraphy of the Late Paleozoic in the Sudetes
  • palynostratigraphy of the Carboniferous in the Sudetes;
  • macrofauna of western Poland.